Epiphany's Crown
Epiphany's Crown

Epiphany is coming any minute now. I just know it. My new bike, my first bike in 21 years is on its way from the manufacturer in Denmark.
The sales woman in Vermont said all they had in that model was white. I don't really like white because it's hard to keep clean. But I am thrilled to be getting a bike that I could ride in the park and along the beach. And maybe even race. The name Epiphany kept repeating in
my mind. I wasn't sure what it meant. I looked 'Epiphany' up in my
Merriam-Webster dictionary, a birthday present from Sheila, my
Older sister.
Epiphany: "1 cap : Jan 6 observed as a church festival in commemoration of the coming of the Magi to Jesus at Bethlehem. 2 A sudden striking understanding of something." I thought of the name fondly, like 'Amega'; the name my college computer nerd friends gave their machines.
I got the three-wheeled bike idea when Sheila suggested, "you're still young. What are you thirty or something? You don't need to sit around. You need to get out there and be active.

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